A Different Experience

We believe Customer and Subscription Experience are intrinsically linked and must be addressed together.

By leveraging cloud technology, new ways of working like crowdsourcing, and using solution accelerators to rapidly build and integrate solutions, customers can create both amazing Customer and Subscription Experiences that drive profitability and growth.

What is QUOTE-to-CASH?

Quote-to-Cash is the shortened phrase to describe an end-to-end business experience from the acquisition of a new lead, the conversion of that lead to a customer, accepting payment for goods or services, and recognizing revenue for said goods or services. It can have various beginning and end states, from publishing your product catalog in a Website, through to quoting and sales order processing, delivery and finally payment of goods or services. LeadTo helps you identify where you can optimize the Quote-To-Cash experience to ensure your organization is scalable for future growth.

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Next-Generation Customer and Subscriber Experience Through:



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