Zuora Salesforce CPQ Integration Services

LeadTo team members have evolved with Zuora into experts in the Subscription Billing domain implementing and integrating with other supplemental systems. The LeadTo team has implemented over 250 successful deployments of all complexities and sizes. 

LeadTo's certified Zuora architects and developers utilize a best practice and creative approach to integrate Salesforce CRM and Zuora allowing for seamless communication and data sharing between both systems. The customization and integration additions strengthen the proven Salesforce and Zuora Ecosystem  allowing Salesforce to be the master data of Sales information while delegating customer billing and subscription relationship management to Zuora.


The product catalog is the center point of any transactional system. With a Zuora and Salesforce CPQ Integration, you manage your product catalog in your Salesforce org and sync the product data over to Zuora. In Zuora, the products and prices are translated to Zuora products, rate plans, charges, and charge tiers. The information is tied to the subscriptions created from Salesforce CPQ and managed in Zuora for billing, payments, and other services provided in Zuora.

opportunities, QUOTING & CONTRACTING

When a quote is created from an opportunity in Salesforce CPQ, it will create or change a Salesforce CPQ Contract.  In turn, these Salesforce CPQ Contracts are translated into the New, Amend, or Cancel Subscriptions in Zuora.  Zuora metrics, such as MRR and TCV, are also stored at the contract level and you can preview the metrics on the Salesforce CPQ contract.


LeadTo has extensive experience with customization and development tools including:

  • Custom application, workflow and forms development using tools such as the Salesforce.com Force.com platform to fill automation gaps where necessary. For example, supporting terms and conditions amendments through contract changes in Salesforce CPQ.
  • Client side and server side scripting, using native tools like Apex.