Integrated ecosystem

A beautiful subscription experience starts with an integrated EcoSystem. Although the integrated EcoSystem is one part of the experience, it sets the foundation for all of the downstream touch points to help define the customer experience.

LeadTo focuses on four core elements:

  1. Lead-to-Customer Conversion
  2. Recurring Billing
  3. Accounting and ERP
  4. Customer Self-Service.


There are several CRM's on the market today, cloud-based, that don't not require a team of IT experts to setup or manage — you just log in from any smartphone, tablet, or computer and start using it once it has been implemented correctly.

In the subscription economy, it is vitally important to build more meaningful and lasting relationships with your customers — better understand their wants and needs, identify new opportunities to help, and address any problems faster with an overview of every customer interaction with your company. 


There are also many great Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) applications on the market today. They gives you the ability to configure, price, and quote with ease saving sales the headaches typically encountered with bundled pricing and selling. There are a key few that allow you to have the same interface, reliability, scalability, and security as your chosen CRM. View important metrics such as MRR, ACV, and TCV all within the same interface.

Close Deals Faster
Respond to customer inquiries faster, shorten sales cycle times, reduce back-and-forth iterations


Improve Customer Experience
Deliver superior and consistent customer experience through all channels

Increase Sales
Use guided selling and product configurations to increase upsell and cross-sell opportunities


Eliminate Waste and Maximize Margins
Ensure 100% accuracy across all quotes and orders

Whether commerce starts in your CRM or directly in your website, a unified subscription experience starts with your CRM having the full 360 degree view of your customer.


The leading subscription management software vendors have enabled 21st century businesses around the world, from start-ups to enterprises in various industries, to launch and monetize their subscription products and services.


A few key items customers look for to manage billing on a recurring basis:

  • Create and manage subscriptions with flexible terms
  • Easily configure trial periods and setup charges
  • Manage “Freemiums” and evergreen (non-expiring) subscriptions
  • Set up subscriptions to auto-renew, saving you time



LeadTo knows the most relevant billing systems on the market from Recurly to Salesforce Billing to Zuora. We also know the most integrated applications and supporting applications such as Apptus, Steelbrick, Rev Pro amongst others. We are here to help you design your best subscription experience.


Automate the invoicing process for all of your clients.

  • Create and send invoices on the go, from any device
  • Generate invoices in bulk for orders and subscriptions
  • Configure and schedule multiple billing cycles
  • Automatically reconcile invoices and get notified of failed or missing ones
  • Easily integrate invoicing with your accounting system


Manage and collect payments without processing complications.

  • Collect payments against your invoices
  • Handle partial payments or allocate a single payment against multiple invoices
  • Store credit card details for your customers, and notify them before card expiration
  • Manage the dunning process to follow-up on failed payments
  • Re-allocate and refund payments and handle payment disputes


Easily manage taxes and run reports to feed them to your accounting system.

  • Sell and bill in multiple currencies
  • Manage all of your VAT, Sales Tax, Use Tax, GST/PST/HST calculations
  • Configure tax rates by product category (wholesale, resale) or customer category (country, state, city, zip code)
  • Manage compounded tax calculations and configure tax exemptions
  • Export product tax values to your accounting system

Customer self-service

There is a plethora of the traditional self-service applications out in the market today. These are primarily applications that allow a customer of an organization to create and manage their support interactions with an organization. Players in this market are Zendesk, Salesforce Service Cloud, and the like. However, the new paradigm is to afford customers the ability to self-service across the organization. How many times have you been to and wanted to manage your subscription, view the content they provide, view your billing history, and last but not least submit or view support cases.

The need for customer self-service is ever so important as the subscription economy evolves and customer demand more of an experience from an organization rather than a simplistic ability to submit a support case.

On the business side of this equation, it is costly and a burden to integrate with disparate applications. For most companies this is at least four applications: the crm, their content portal, the subscription billing platform, and the support case management system. Most IT organizations do not have the experience to maintain this sort of integrated architecture. Thankfully, as the market evolves, these systems will come to bear greater fruit.

A few of these applications today are:

  1. Salesforce Communities
  2. Jive-x
  3. PeakPortal
  4. NetSuite Customer Center
  5. Happy Fox

Most applications today allow for a certain segment of the self-service experience but very few offer the end-to-end spectrum needed for a customer to have a simplistic and uplifting engagement with an organization.