Salesforce and Zuora Integration Services

LeadTo team members have evolved with Zuora into experts in the Subscription Billing domain implementing and integrating with other supplemental systems. The LeadTo team has implemented over 250 successful deployments of all complexities and sizes. 

LeadTo's certified Zuora architects and developers utilize a best practice and creative approach to integrate Salesforce CRM and Zuora allowing for seamless communication and data sharing between both systems. The customization and integration additions strengthen the proven Salesforce and Zuora Ecosystem  allowing Salesforce to be the master data of Sales information while delegating customer billing and subscription relationship management to Zuora.


The ability to integrate information from NetSuite to Salesforce and Zuora in end-to-end business process such as quote to cash or to synchronize master data files across multiple systems is a critical aspect of business operations. LeadTo uses both market leading integration solutions such as Dell Boomi AtomSphere® (we are Boomi Certified) and industry standard web services tools to meet these needs.


Implementing a new application is never as simple as flipping a switch or turning a wrench. To get the most from your software investment, we begin by reviewing your existing processes as is and evaluate those against your desired state. This approach helps us appropriately install, configure, and develop the products to meet your specific needs. We identify areas where workflows can be streamlined, either through slight process adjustments or through configuration settings and customization services. Our methodology is 100% aligned with Zuora's internal methodology creating a fluid process between Sales and Services.


LeadTo has extensive experience with customization and development tools including:

  • Custom application, workflow and forms development using tools such as the platform to fill automation gaps where necessary. For example, customers have requested the synchronization of invoice items from Zuora to Salesforce where the native Zuora 360 managed package does not cover that synchronization.
  • Salesforce and NetSuite customization of e-business capabilities to provide extended capabilities leveraging Zuora's PCI compliant secure credit card capturing page.
  • Client side and server side scripting, using native tools like Apex.