SaaS Reference Architecture

SaaS businesses are known for rapid innovation which means Finance, Operations and IT teams need to move fast enough to keep up with their Product, Engineering and Sales counterparts. Your Lead-to-Revenue ecosystem should allow a SaaS businesses to effectively manage large volumes of subscribers. At the center, it automates recurring billing and accounting to help Finance, Operations and IT teams scale while enabling the business to pursue any monetization strategy.



Web Store/Checkout: Display products and pricing information. Allow easily bundling of correlated offerings.

My Account: Display account summary and subscription data to support self-service account management on the web portal.

User Provisioning: Grants subscribers access to subscriptions based on entitlements.


Sales: Product catalog is exposed in the sales system so pricing and transactional (i.e., invoices, payments, refunds) information can be used to create subscription based opportunities and quotes.

Support / Service: Customer subscription, billing and payment history, renewal dates, and key subscriber metrics in the support / service system for complete visibility into the subscriber.



Tax jurisdiction, locale and line item pricing information are passed from the billing engine to the Tax Engine to calculate tax rates. The tax engine will return the rate amount to the billing engine for invoice presentment.


General Ledger: Integration between the billing engine and the GL system allows for either transaction level details or summary level journal entries to be sent to the GL.


Gateways: Payment details are passed from the billing engine to the payment gateway(s) to process payments and the gateway returns success / failure details.


Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

Success in enterprise recurring revenue involves your entire organization. It requires that you move beyond billing to manage all the steps involved in monetizing your services, from customer acquisition, to activation, to payments, and more. LeadTo can help you define the right systems to complete your SaaS Architecture for a complete recurring revenue management solution to maximize the value of each customer relationship.