Lead-to-Revenue Reference Architectures

LeadTo has developed the three most common Lead-to-Revenue reference architects in the Subscription Economy.

A reference architecture can be thought of as a resource that documents the learning experiences gained through past projects. By using a reference architecture, a project team can potentially save time and avoid mistakes by learning from past experiences. The specific structure, documentation and management should be flexible, reflecting an organization's unique structure and needs.

LeadTo SaaS Reference Architecture.png


SaaS businesses are known for rapid innovation which means Finance, Operations and IT teams need to move fast enough to keep up with their Product, Engineering and Sales counterparts. The right systems allows SaaS businesses to effectively manage large volumes of subscribers.


LeadTo IoT Reference Architecture2.png

iot reference architecture

Companies are shifting from selling devices to building long-term service relationships with millions of consumers and businesses. Monetizing these relationships requires a solution that knows how to price, bill and recognize recurring revenue for complex hardware / software packages.The following is placeholder text known as “lorem ipsum,” which is scrambled Latin used by designers to mimic real copy. Aenean eu justo sed elit dignissim aliquam. Maecenas non leo laoreet, condimentum lorem nec, vulputate massa. Nulla lectus ante, consequat et ex eget, feugiat tincidunt metus.


LeadTo Media Reference Architecture2.png


In the new age of subscriptions for media where content can be found for free through a multitude of digital channels, not only do businesses have to to prove their value at every commerce, billing and finance touch point, they must also find different ways to monetize. Digital media businesses need a solution that can price for content as a flat fee per usage or one-time fee while still delivering a seamless end-to-end subscriber experience so the business can focus on creating content.