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How do I use Recurly with my existing website?


There are a few options for setting up Recurly to work with your existing website. You can incorporate Hosted Pages directly within your site or application, use the REST API (for rapid development suitable for the most common web storefront operations), or use an out-of-the-box platform like PeakPortal to facilitate commerce.


Option 1: Recurly's APIs allow you to handcraft a web application that directly accesses our billing, payment, and subscription management services. This option is the most time intensive and requires a broad understanding of Recurly.

Option 2: The second option is for you to use Recurly's hosted pages. Hosted pages is a pre-built Credit Card or ACH form that you will need to integrate into the overall purchasing flow of your website. It also offers a subset of self-service functionality but is limited in its customization and use cases it supports. This option requires moderate development work. 

Option 3: PeakPortal has developed an out-of-the-box application that easily connects to Recurly and supports over 150 subscription billing use cases. Upon a short implementation, they can customize the portal to look similar to your website to ensure your customers are never confused about the environment they are in. It is usually ready to deploy within 24 hours.

peakportal for recurly.png


PeakPortal for Recurly is integrated with not only Recurly but also Shipstation for automatic fulfillment management services. PeakPortal also provides a shopping cart whereby you can place a purchase link in your website to facilitate the subscription checkout process.

plurbox shopping.png

Learn more about PeakPortal for Recurly and request a demo.