Setting Up Zuora Connector for NetSuite and NetSuite ARM Module

The intent of this article is to outline the steps associated with setting up Zuora Connector for NetSuite Bundle in NetSuite and the NetSuite Advanced Revenue Management Module.

The assumption is made that you've decided on using NetSuite for Revenue Recognition as opposed to Zuora's RevPro offering. This is generally a finance team choice as to what system to use; do you prefer to see the deferred revenue and downstream reporting in NetSuite or Zuora? If NetSuite, the high-level configuration steps are below.

Steps Outlined:

1. Install the Zuora Z-Suite bundle in NetSuite. Bundle Id (12071)

2. Setup the Z-Suite Bundle according to Zuora's Knowledge Center Steps listed here.

3. Update the NetSuite Revenue Recognition Field Mapping

4. Finish configuring NetSuite Advanced Revenue Management Module

It is as simple as associating the revenue field mappings with the fields that are populated when invoices syncronize from Zuora to NetSuite.

  • Zuora Services Start Date => Start Date
  • Zuora Services End Date => End Date